Coleman Sundome Tents Reviews : Mostly people on our planet are the travel enthusiastic and often go to many places. As per the research around 60% of the traveler pick up the places like the forest, mountains for camping or hiking. For that, a traveler must need a camping tent for his/her stay. Mostly traveler made a mistake in buying a tent because they have a lack of knowledge about the camping tents and because of this their trip becomes worst.

Best Camping Tents

So, here we tell you about the tents and which tents are best for your journey and mistakes to be avoided while buying a  tent in the future.

A tent that can’t be trusted in a downpour isn’t worth space it takes up in the trunk.

If you’re in the market for a quality camping tent, then there are lots of camping tents available in the market. You will be stuck in the confusion which camping tent to buy. We have tested all the camping tents, and we tell us you which camping tent is best suits to you and your family for camping. We tested their comfort, storm-proofs, ease of setup, packed size, and workmanship to determine the overall best, the best value, and strongest.

Best Coleman Sundome Tents

According to us, Coleman company is providing best camping tents for you and your family. Coleman is producing travel equipment from 1902. Their product Coleman sun dome tents make your travel experience memorable. We believe that Coleman Sundome tents are sure to meet your needs.

Let’s Take Look on the Coleman History

Coleman Company is an American company that specializes in outdoor recreation products, especially camping tents. Coleman was founded by William Coffin Coleman. In January 2005, Jarden acquired Coleman for approximately $845 million.And currently owned by Newell Brands.

Coleman is producing a wide variety of products and focused on camping products. Coleman also manufactures camp stoves, sleeping bags, coolers, hot tubs, generators, watches, sandals, tents, dog toys, and backpacks among other things. Their mostly revenue comes from camping products.

Things to be in mind before buying a camping tent

There are top five things to remember before the purchase of a  camping tent:

Things to be in mind before buying a camping tent

  1. Purpose – First thing to keep in mind is the aim for which you are buying a camping tent whether you are buying for you and your family.  Here we are listing few question  you must think before you are going to purchase the tent:
  2. How many seasons will you be using the tent?
  3.  Where will you be using your tent?
  4. Will you be transporting your tent to your campsite via backpack or vehicle?
  5. How frequently will you be using the tent?

2. Sleeping Capacity – The next major consideration is how many people will be using your tent. Many people prefer to choose a tent with the capacity for one extra person, and some advise to double the size. It’s good advice – particularly if your tent mate tosses and your turns throughout the night.

3. Height – Tent height is not a big deal for some person, but tall folks and those who are claustrophobic tent height is a serious matter. Cabin-style tents tend to allow for more standing room, while dome style tents typically are tallest only in the center.

4. Construction – The next thing you have to look is the material from which the tent is made. The Tent structure is a big thing to keep in mind while buying a tent. Most tents are built using poles. Fiberglass poles aren’t as sturdy as aluminum, and they can snap much more easily than their metal counterparts. So be choosy about your poles, Be careful while choosing because replacing them can be difficult. Never use the heater in your tent. It’s a primary source of firing your tent.

5. Material – The final thing to keep in mind while buying a tent is the material of your tent. Mostly modern tents are made with nylon or polyester. Nylon tents are more expensive, stronger and much more lightweight, even though they don’t shed water as well as polyester.

These above are the 5 Golden Points you should always keep in your mind while making any decision when you are going to buying a tent for yourself.

Types of Coleman’s Tents

Here is the list of Coleman’s tents which are manufactured by the company. Check it now.

  1. Types of tents for campingFrame tents
  2. Dome tent
  3. Basic ridge tent
  4. Instant or quick pitch tent
  5. Pod Living
  6. Khyam system
  7. Tunnel tents
  8. Vis-à-vis
  9. Large family tents
  10. Inflatable tents
  11. Geodesic and semi-geodesic

Here we are talking about the Coleman Sundome Tents which is one of the most attractive and useful camping tents over the decade as it is more durable and relevant as compared to other tents as well available at the affordable price in the market quickly or any online store.

So let’s dig into the Coleman Sundom Tents and know about them.

Coleman Sundome Tents

You’ll see a lot of adaptable shaft tents nearby today. The simple shape twists and adaptable post into a half-hover with both finishes settled to an in number tape or webbing strap running over the tent’s base, frequently as a major aspect of the groundsheet.

Coleman Sundome Tent Review

Coleman Sundome Tent Review

Two adaptable posts crossing in the center give a square vault, three shafts a hexagon. The sides are more vertical, so general headroom is better over a more extensive floor territory. Strength is great in littler models in any case, not at all like the edge tent, vaults can get less steady as they scale up in size.

As the set up is a quite easy with the Instant-Clip poles, which allow you to construct the tent within a single attempt. The WeatherTec system, provide a comfortable even when storm cloud looms on the horizon. The lightweight design allows you to transport the tent easily. If you wish to extend the seasonal use of your tent, then cover your tent with a blanket and then cover that with the rainfly. Doing this will reduce the breathability of your tent, but it will keep in warmth and keep out chilly winds.

Coleman Sun Dome tents consist of a front door with window and a  zippered opening in the corner. A window on the back side with a bug screen is present on the tent. Coleman sun dome tent can be adjusted according to cold or hot weather also a rainfly which can be used in the rainy season.

It is spacious to sit comfortably inside the tents. A  green shading is also provided to keep the tent cool in the hot days.

A View from Inside of the Sundome Tents

Coleman tents have a  sleeping bag with medium size pillow. The 2 cross section pockets within dividers are convenient for capacity. A snare is given so you can likewise hang a battery or electric lamp from the top focus of within top of the tent.

Inside the Coleman Sundome tent

Inside the Coleman Sundome tent

Let’s Talk about the Pros and Cons of Coleman’s Tents Now which is the critical part.


  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Lightweight, compact design.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Varies for a 2 to 6 person tent.
  • Breathable for comfort in warm weather.
  • Rainfly offers a  great waterproof protection.
  • Mesh storage features and lantern hook for convenient organization.


  • Not suitable for cool places.
  • Water can leak without waterproofing.
  • Not for those who don’t enjoy close quarters.

These are the most important aspect you should keep in mind while you are choosing any Coleman’s Sundome Tents for your next camping trip. Let’s discuss the types of the Sundome tents provided by the company.

Types Of Coleman Sundome Tents

Here is the list of the Sundome tents which mostly used and sold by the Coleman’s.

1. Sundome 6 Person Tent – Up to 33% more water-resistant than a Comparable standard Coleman tent. It is one of the best camping tent sold over the Amazon, Walmart or on the other online marketplace with over more than 1 year of the warranty by the Coleman’s you do not have to worry about anything. Below we have mentioned the Main features of this 6 Person Tent. Check them now.

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent


The Main Features of the Tent:

  • 2 windows for excellent ventilation and views,
  • Included rainfly for extra weather protection,
  • 10 x 10 ft. Foot print, 6 ft. Center height,
  • Made from Polyester,
  • Comfortable for 6 People’s,
  • Have the Electric access port,
  • Available at Affordable Price
  • 1-Year limited warranty

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2. Sundome 4 Person Tent  – With all Coleman Sundome Tents you will get up to 33% more water-resistant than a Comparable standard Coleman tent which is awesome. The 4 person tent is best for medium group camping over anyplace you want as it will provide you the best relevancy while you are doing the camping and sleeping in it. For more check out the below features:

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

Main Features of the Tents

  • 2 windows for great ventilation and views
  • Included rainfly for extra weather protection
  • 9 x 7 ft. Footprint, 4 ft. 11 in. Center height
  • Electric access port
  • Ground vent and large windows move air up and out
  • Spacious interior, room to move
  • Dome design for quick setup, 15 minutes
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup
  • Rainfly awning for shade and rain protection
  • Storage pockets keep gear organized
  • WeatherTec(TM) system’s patented welded floors, and inverted seams help keep water out
  • Insta – Clip(TM) Pole Attachments stand up to the wind
  • 9 ft. X 7 ft. Footprint fits 4 people or one queen airbed
  • 4 ft. 11 in. center height, room to move
  • Carry bag included for easy transport
  • 1-year limited warranty

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3. Sundome 3 Person Tent – This best for the 3 persons for camping at anyplace this season. Having the perfect design with instant setup Coleman’s 3 Person Sundome Tent is ideal for your small group. Check out below what makes it more effective than other 3 Person Tents in the market.

Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent

Feature list of the Tent:

  • Imported
  • Can Easily Sleep, 3 people
  • 1 door
  • 52′ center height
  • 8.5 mm fiberglass poles
  • Floor 1000D Polyethylene
  • Electric access port
  • Dome structures with one door
  • 7 ft x 7 ft x 52 in (Center height is 52 inches)
  • Electronic accessibility port

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4. Sundome 2 Person Tent – This is one of the compact and best tent for the single or 2 persons. The setup of the tent is very quick and easily folded. Very durable and easily manage in heavy wind and rainy season. This is one of the best selling product by the Coleman’s in every season. Check out the Features of the Tent now.

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

Main Features

  • 2 windows for great ventilation and views
  • Included rainfly for extra weather protection
  • 7 x 5 ft. Footprint,
  • Easy two-pole design for quick set up; 7’X5’x48.”
  • 4 ft. Center height
  • Center height is 48 inches
  • Electric accessibility port
  • Made from Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet
  • 1-Year limited warranty

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These above are most famous and top selling camping tents by the Coleman’s as there are a lot of more tents which are manufactured and sold by the company. If you want to know about them, you can check here.

One more thing as the features of the tents is similar because all of them are the Sundome tents and by the same company. So some of the tents can have the similar feature with the increase in size you will get more space and size with more relevancy and comfort to enjoy your camping trip with your friends or family. For more Coleman Sundome Tents Reviews check out our blog now.